Breast Aesthetics

Have the aesthetic breasts you desire with breast enlargement, breast lift and breast reduction operations.

Liposuction Application

Get rid of excesses in your hard-to-burn-fats areas such as abdomen, waist, hips, outer and inner thighs, knees.


By means of Botox, it is possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles due to mimic movements, to raise your eyebrows, to resist sagging on your face, to thin the face and to administer regional sweating treatment.



Fat Injection

The young face has a full and tense appearance. Over time, our fat tissue on the face decreases and hangs down. Weak facial structure can cause a dense and aged appearance. Fillers or fat injection can be done for a youthful appearance.

Fat tissue can be taken from the abdomen or inner leg with the liposuction method, processed and injected into the required areas. Since it is your own fat tissue, it looks natural and your body does not react. It is permanent at a rate of about 60%. It expands with weight gain and thins with weight loss.

Fat injection can be done almost anywhere on the face that is deemed necessary. Cheeks, forehead, chin, rim lines, temples are the most common areas. In addition, oil injection is also used to correct congenital or accidental depressions on the face. Fat injection is most often performed on the face. But if needed, it can be applied to many parts of the body that need it.

Filler Applications

Filling applications, as the name suggests, are methods that help non-surgical facial rejuvenation by filling the collapsed areas. It is practiced very often today. It can be applied in many regions according to the needs of the patient. There are many filling materials, including temporary and permanent fillings, but the most common and safest fillings all over the world are the fillings with hyaluronic acid content that are fully compatible with the body. Filling preferences vary according to age groups. In young people, under-eye light filling is most often preferred for lip plumping and for under-eye dimples and discoloration. It is preferred to correct the deformation of the face against gravity due to reasons such as eliminating the rim of the mouth lines, eliminating the loss of mid-face volume, fluctuation of the jaw line in middle and older ages. (more…)

Thigh Lift

Just like in arm lift, there may be phase adipose tissue and sagging skin tissue on the inner surface of the thigh due to age or excessive weight gain. This does not prevent the person from walking comfortably, but it causes irritation of the skin in this area due to the friction that occurs while walking. In this case, the excess fat tissue and skin tissue are removed before the operation, and liposuction is applied when necessary to prevent the legs from touching each other in this area. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2 hours. It is recommended to wear a corset for about 4 weeks after the surgery.

Genital Area Aesthetics

Due to the privacy of the genital area, patients generally prefer female plastic surgeons. Genital aesthetic surgeries can be divided into two as internal and external. Congenital or acquired structural deformity may occur in both regions. Deformity in the genital area can make the woman feel uncomfortable during sexual intercourse. This may affect the psychosocial state of the woman.

Inner lip (labia minor) and outer lip (labia major) correction surgeries are applied to the outer region. Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) and hymenoplasty (hymen repair) surgeries are applied to the inner region. (more…)

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal skin may sag due to reasons such as weight gain or birth. For similar reasons, the abdominal muscles relax and relaxation (rectus diastasis) can be seen between the abdominal muscles. Especially after pregnancy, it is common to enlarge the skin of the lower abdomen, loosen the abdominal muscles, and cracks in the skin. In such cases, the abdomen does not flatten even with sports. After weight loss, the abdomen can still be seen protruding.



Liposuction surgery is popularly known as fat removal. Another misconception is that liposuction surgery is a weight loss method. Liposuction is a body shaping method, not a weight loss method. It provides the removal of regional lubrication where weight loss and sports methods are insufficient.



It is a surgical method that has become popular as a Brazilian butt or hip in recent years. It can be done under general anesthesia. Surgery is planned according to the person's hip structure and body structure and whether the person wants a very large hip. Either the excess fat in the person's body is removed by liposuction and processed, and then injected into the buttock. Or, if the person does not have enough tissue or wants a larger hip, it can be enlarged by placing an implant in the hip, just like the breast implant. After the surgery, it is recommended to wear a corset that will expose the butt and will not create much pressure.


Breast enlargement in men is called gynecomastia. It can be in the form of enlargement in the breast tissue or lubrication in the breast. Growth in the chest area causes a feminine appearance in men. It affects the way of dressing in social life and causes loss of self-confidence. It may be due to weight gain or loss or hormonal reasons, or it may develop without an underlying health problem. Today, it is thought that there is an increase due to eating habits.

Gynecomastia correction is one of the most common plastic surgeries applied to men. The surgery is performed by liposuction method under general anesthesia. Laser liposuction method is preferred in those who have excess skin and enlargement of the mammary gland. The patient should wear a corset for 1 month after the operation. It is necessary to take a 3-month break from sports that require arm strength.

Arm Lift

Kol germe ameliyatının amacı, kolunuz içindeki alt bölgelerin sarkmasına ve kötü görünmesine neden olan gereğinden fazla ciltlerin ve yağ dokularının atılmasıdır.

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